Douglas Dapper Ferret

Article number: PLUDU4039
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  • Dapper the plush Ferret certainly lives up to his name. With his good looks and realistic detailing, this furry little critter always seems to be in demand! 
  • The perfect size for small hands and big adventures, Dapper features a soft tan coat with white markings. 
  • Handsome black accents detail his facial mask, tail tip, and paws. Additionally, smoky airbrushing over his head and down back further enhance his lifelike appearance. 
  • Dapper’s bright, playful eyes beg for someone to come and play. Slip this little ferret into a pocket or backpack; his small size makes it easy to take him anywhere. 
  • Bring some excitement and fun to any outing with Dapper our friendly plush Ferret!
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