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GeminiJets 1/400 scale Emirates Airbus Boeing 777-300ER diecast model is As Real as it Gets™ and measures approximately 7-1/8-inches long with a 6-1/2-inch wingspan. Manufactured by GeminiJets as a limited edition, highly collectible model, this Emirates Boeing 777-300ER has been meticulously recreated from Airbus' blueprints and features realistic metal landing gear and detailed graphics, assuring the utmost accuracy and superior quality. A Display Stand is not included and is sold separately - GeminiJets GJSTD777. Adorned with golden graphics and a very prominent number 50 decorating the front of the fuselage to celebrate the 50th anniversary - golden jubilee - of the United Arab Emirates - this Emirates Boeing 777-300ER not only commemorates and symbolizes the UAE's success, ambition and innovation, it proudly honors the world's connection to Dubai over the past five decades. Initially brought into service in 1994 by Boeing to replace earlier, aging DC-10 and L-1011 airliners, the comparatively fuel-efficient, twin-engine Boeing 777, which has overtaken the Boeing 747 with the number of aircraft produced, fills the void in size between Boeing's 767 and 747 and is Boeing's first airliner to be outfitted with advanced fly-by-wire controls. Boasting a seating capacity up to 400 passengers and a maximum flight range of 9,068 nautical miles, the Boeing 777-300ER went into service in 2004 and currently competes against the Airbus A340-600 and A350-1000, as it has been popular with airlines seeking new airliners for their retired and now discontinued Boeing 747-400 aircraft.

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