Glow Dino Squishimals

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A fun, squishy, glow in the dark dino-who could ask for more!? You can twist, squish, and stretch this dinosaur in every direction for a fun hand strengthening activity. This squishy stretchy dinosaur is super flexible. Each is filled with tiny beads and measures approximately 7 to 8 inches long. Your glow in the dark prehistoric reptilian monster comes one of six different species perfect for your junior paleontologist - stegosaurus, tyrannosaurus, triceratops, ankylosaurus, dimetrodon or brachiosaurus. Yours will be selected from our in-stock supply. If you purchase more than one we will send a variety.


  • Super Squishy - Super Stretchy - Bead filled Glow in the Dark Dinosaur
  • Species (styles) Vary Measures from 7 to 8 Inches in Length
  • Helps Develop Hand Strength--And Relieves Stress
  • One Glow Dino (styles vary)
  • Ages 5 and Up


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