Klutz Sticker Design Studio

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This book is packed with over 500 cute die-cut designs you mix, match, colour, and layer to create your own unique stickers. Glittery accents provide that all-important sparkle, while light gray linework gives just the right amount of artistic help. Once they are inked over, the lines become nearly invisible — so only your creative genius shows. Since each design can be completed in countless ways, each finished sticker can be completely unique.

In addition to ready-to-colour stickers, the book features colourful pages of tips, inspiration, and guided creativity to encourage the artistically un-gifted. Even if you can't draw a heart, you can still ink one in your own unique style. And when you're done, it's not just a doodle on a page, it's a one-of-a-kind sparkly seal. 

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