Knight Cast Chess Puzzle

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Knight Chess Puzzle 

Solve the Chess Puzzle's challenge and find the lucky coin sealed inside! Hanayama Chess Piece Puzzles are brain teasers built into high quality chess puzzle pieces. Each cast metal, chrome-plated chess piece requires a different solution to open it and collect the cast-plated gold token hidden inside(Chess piece is 3.5" long)

The Meaning of the Sealed Coin: A coin with a horseshoe motif is sealed within the Knight. During the 16th century, people hung horseshoes above their front doors to protect their homes and invite good luck. Many still believe that a horseshoe hung with two ends pointing up, forming a "U" shape, can ward off evil spirits.

The Meaning Behind a Coin: In the US finding a one cent coin - or "lucky penny" - is believed to bring good luck. Meanwhile, many Europeans customarily give religious coins or tokens to people they love. The coin is perceived as a symbol of fortune, and is given with the wishes that it will bring luck and prosperity to the recipient.Recommended for ages 8 and up.

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