Metal Earth Star Wars Darth Vader's Tie Fighter

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Metal Earth is a collection of intricately designed model building kits. These DIY 3D Metal Model Kits consists of remarkably detailed laser etching cut onto one or more four-inch square sheets of thin metal. 

Darth Vader's TIE Fighter is the prototype that was used as the basis for all the terrifyingly effective TIE Fighters and Interceptors that would be developed for future battles. The TIE Fighter has proved itself in battle, as it is capable of withstanding many direct hits. In addition the pilots' chances of survival were considerably enhanced by the incorporation of a hyper drive system, which enables the ship to escape from hopeless battle situations.

Item#: MMS253
Number of sheets: 2 Sheets
Difficulty: Moderate
Assembled Size: 2.99" x 2.67" x 0.98"
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