Rainbow Narwhal Sak With Narwhal

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Show the world your love of imagination and fun when you go out carrying our fanciful Rainbow Narwhal Sassy Pet Sak! Its whimsical fabric features pink speckled Narwhals surfacing amidst an undulating current of rippling rainbow waters. Blue scallop trim mimics ocean waves and runs around the border of the purse. Soft to the touch and elegant, the handles are finished with pink satin twist cord. Nestled snugly within the bag, a sky blue Narwhal stuffed animal awaits a friend with whom she can share adventures. Accented with a rainbow tusk and glittery sea spray this magical plush whale is no stranger to fantasy and is the perfect pal to accompany make believe adventures!

  • 8" wide
  • surface washable
  • for 2 year and up
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