About us

Come explore Calgary's coolest toy store for all ages, located in the Calgary International Airport. Our main store is located on the Departures Level. We have 5 additional stores located past security for our traveling customers! Budget time into your next airport visit to stop by our store! 

Your senses will be on overload upon arrival at our fun factory when you experience a selection of things that fly, buzz, giggle, squish, hum, tick, squirm, bubble, crawl and glow in the dark at this one-of-a-kind toy store!

Any child (or grown-up child) will be delighted with the selection of stuffed animals, puppets, wind-ups and battery-operated gizmos filling the shelves.

Included in our main store is a separate store collection called Just Plane Fun, which is designed specifically for flight lovers. We carry the largest selection of airplane and spacecraft models and aviation related toys, gadgets and gizmos.

Who's Who In The Zoo and Just Plane Fun have it all - from travel books, toys and gadgets to baby items, glow in the dark fun, every stuffed animal you can imagine, battery operated toys in every size and shape to aviation models and paraphernalia.


Who's Who In The Zoo Toy Store Front