Colbie Grey Cat Mini Soft

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When you’re a kitten, the whole world’s a playground! Colbie the Mini Soft Gray Cat stuffed animal loves to explore and find things that he can turn into playthings. It won’t be long until his sharp, golden colored eyes spot the stray ball of yarn that fell from your yarn basket. He’s also discovered just how it’s delightfully fun it is to paw at the toilet paper until there’s a long trail of it strewn across the floor! Always up to something, this ultra cuddly kitten features a floppy, bean filled body and a lifelike expression that will engage the imagination. Colbie’s dark gray coat of plush fur is fabulously soft and will earn our little plush kitty a place in your hands and your heart!


Additional information

Weight: 2.9 oz

Dimensions: 6×7×6 in

Age: 24 months & up

Size (IN): 6" Sitting

Size (cm): (15cm)

Washing:  machine 

Collection: mini Softs

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