Douglas Finnie FROG SOFT

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  • Loaded with whimsy, Finnie the Soft Frog stuffed animal has left behind his home in the marsh to become your new best friend! The sage green plush materials we’ve selected for him will both soothe and delight.

  • Finnie features a floppy body style that will hold up to a lifetime of cuddly adventures thanks to a combination of interior beans and resilient polyester fill.

  • His four flippered feet are finished with dark, velvet textured material on their undersides, while his facial details include stitched accents and a pair of inquisitive eyes that shine with a glittery yellow sparkle.

  • Take in this playful amphibian as your companion and Finnie the plush Frog will have you hopping with joy!

  • Additional information

    Weight 6.5 oz
    Dimensions 8 × 9 × 9 in

    24 Months & Up

    SIZE (IN)

    9" Tall

    SIZE (CM)

    (23 cm)





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