Douglas Wrangler Chestnut Horse

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There’s no end to the chores when you live on a ranch, but Wrangler the dependable Chestnut Horse stuffed animal will be there to see you through! Wrangler is a handsome cow horse with a russet brown coat and a flaxen mane and tail. A star on his forehead and four white socks brighten his look. Crafted with materials that are soft, yet durable, Wrangler is always ready for a day of rough and tumble adventures. His outstretched pose will inspire the imagination and fuel creative play. So whether you’ve got a long day of fenceline inspections ahead or there’s a herd of unruly cattle to round up, Wrangler’s gallant personality and calm disposition makes him the best partner for the job!


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Weight: 5.4 oz

Dimensions: 15×5×9 IN

Age: 24 months up

Size: (IN) 15 Long

Washing: Surface


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