Levitron Lamp Black Stripe

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These En-Lightening Levitron Levitating Lamps use Patented Electromagnetic Levitation Technology to defy the laws of gravity!

This is not just a novelty gadget. This is a fully functioning lamp for any home, office, desk, nightstand or end table. The top part of the lampshade magically floats and spins above the brushed stainless steel lamp base.

  • A Revolutionary Accent Light Accent
  • The Levitron Levitating Lamp not only provides Accent Lighting, it also provides the Accent!
  • Cool white LEDs are recessed into the base of the lamp.
  • A halo of LEDs point upwards into the levitating and spinning shade
  • Additional LED’s shine down toward the brushed metal stand providing soft illumination for your desk or table.
  • Dimensions: 16.25″H x 6″ diameter
    Dimensions (shade): 4.25″H x 6″ diameter
    Dimensions (base): 11″H x 5.75″ diameter

Plus a very cool spiral design on the lamp shade not only looks cool but also accentuates the floating lamp shade spinning in mid-air.

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