Fox Starlight Musical

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Our beloved Shy Little Fox character is now available as an engaging Starlight Musical toy! Bring nature’s beauty into the nursery with this soothing plush friend! Buttons on his paws allow your little one to project a pattern of a moon and stars onto the ceiling and play a variety of relaxing lullabies. These features can be used together or independently of each other. The lullabies can be played on repeat or programmed to shut off automatically after 5 minutes. Crafted in pastel orange plush fur and accented with woodland patterned print on his four paws, our little Fox is both cuddly and appealing. Embroidered accents ensure this stuffed animal is safe for infants. Enjoy our Fox Starlight Musical on its own or look out for other Shy Little Fox accessories and mix or match to build a custom set!

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Weight 9.8 oz
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 10 in

Birth & Up


13" Tall


(33 cm)



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Shy Little Fox

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