Douglas Jumper Flying Squirrel

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Jumper the playful Flying Squirrel stuffed animal is sure to inspire wonder in all who
love our wildlife friends! She has been designed with luxuriously soft brown plush fur
that features cappuccino colored frosted tips for a realistic, grizzled appearance. Tiny
outstretched paws with flaps of fabric between them mimic the parachute-like
membranes that allow real flying squirrels to glide from branch to branch. A soft, long
tail and rounded ears add to Jumper’s realism. With her bright, brown eyes and pink
flocked nose, Jumper is full of charm and will encourage creative play. Ideal for
educational environments or make her your very own, Jumper the Flying Squirrel is an
engaging and lovable plush friend!

  • 10 inches long
  • for 24 months and up
  • machine washable
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