Napoleon French Bulldog

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Napoleon the plush French Bulldog puppy likes to think of himself as a bold and inspiring leader! Though with his cute, rounded appearance and laidback personality, he’s probably more suited as a snuggle buddy than anything else! Featuring an ultra soft coat of fawn colored plush fur and a tan face mask, Napoleon is lifelike and cuddly. Beans in his paws and a floppy body style add to the appeal of this endearing Frenchie stuffed animal. Complete with large, expressive eyes and rounded, bat-like ears, Napoleon realistically captures the appearance of his breed. Share some Frenchie love and delight a fan of this captivating bully breed with Napoleon the floppy French Bulldog plush!


Additional information:

Weight: 7.8 oz

Dimensions: 8×4×10 in

Age: 24 months & up

Size (IN):10" Sitting

Size (CM): 25" cm

Washing: Machine

Breed: French Bulldog


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