Super Lizzie Soft Sloth

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Perfectly sized to sit in your lap or lounge in your arms, our Super Soft Lizzie the Sloth stuffed animal puts a larger spin on our popular Soft Sloths! With fantastically cuddly plush materials and a weighted body, Lizzie is an ideal snuggle buddy who’ll happily while away the day with you. Each of her long limbs are finished with a set of three, curved felt claws. Dark facial patches over Lizzie’s eyes lend a lifelike look, while a subtle smile reveals her good natured disposition. Indulge yourself with this easy going personality, Lizzie the Super Soft Sloth is the perfect way to add a dash of fun and whimsy to your lazy days!


Additional information

Weight: 14.4 oz

Dimensions: 10×10×12 in

Age: 24 months & up

Size (IN): 12" Sitting

Size (cm): (30cm)

Washing:  machine 

Collection: Super Softs

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